1911 Colt Rock Island 3D Skulls Pewter Finish Solid Aluminum Grips Full Size

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1911 Apocalypse Grips w/ 3D skulls
Years in the making and creation these cast aluminum alloy grips were
inspired by the tails of Mordor and the evil Overlord Sauron in J.R. R Tolkien's fictional world of Middle-earth. 
Limited production makes these one-of-a-kind in M/C clubs and if you just want to make a
statement that stands you apart.

Suggested MSRP $109.


CUSTOM MADE FROM aluminum alloy, finished to look and feel like pewter.

Pewter is a softer and much heavier metal with less flexibility and performance than aluminum.  

These are EDC (every day carry) grips.


Email from K Jensen, Lt., County Sheriff's Office


Hey Guys,


Just wanted to drop y’all a quick note. Wanted to say thank you! These grips I ordered from y’all are way cool. I have an older Taurus 1911 I keep in the side bag of my Ultra Classic. Occasionally, I’ll be at an event where the guns come out and the testosterone goes up! I always had a problem putting one of my nice pistols in the hard bag to get beaten up, that’s why I got the Taurus. Great Pistol, always goes bang, accurate, but definitely weeny looking. This is why I ordered your skull grips. Talk about Harleyesque, looks like Willie G. Davidson himself designed these. I would most definitely carry these on Duty if I could get away with it! I just wanted to say thank you for supplying such a neat product, it transformed the entire look of this plain Jane pistol.


Thank you,


K. Jensen


Polished bright skulls and comes in a gift box.

    • Due to many different designs in ambidextrous thumb safety design there is 
    • no cut out and remains blank for custom application 
      These fit any 1911a without ambi safety.
    • Springfield, Rock Island, Taurus. Kimber, Remington, Sig, Smith & Wesson and other Colt and Colt clones these work great with countless versions out there. Can be used with or without standard bushings.  No bravado or bluster these are excellent grips.
  • These fit every 1911 full size frame.