1911 Full Size Outback Rosewood Grips w/US Flag

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Full Size Outback Pattern Rosewood Grips w/US FLAG Medallions

Fits full size Government 1911 and clones

Acrylic Pearl accent on bottom of grip

High Grade Rosewood Laminate

Simple Install


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Premium Rosewood Colt Grips fit full size frames (except double stack). Colt 1911's are the standard that all others follow. They are aggressively styled. These grips are finished in NC and will make you and your gun proud. Grips are compatible with Colt, Kimber, Springfield, Remington, Taurus, Ruger SR1911, Sig, S&W, Rock Island, GSG 1911 plus 1911 and Government Clones. Some models will require slight sanding to accommodate Ambi Safety.