Black Acrylic Pearl Grips Bond Arms Multi Model Derringer

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Acrylic Black Pearl Grips for Bond Arms Multi Model Derringer

Inspired by a back ally event and needy of a statement to convince others I realized that if my Bond made a bigger impression with bright handles then less words were needed.  


These stunning high luster pearl grips does the trick.  These replace the dull factory grips and let you "pimp your ride".  So unique and powerful the look that no two are the same pearl pattern. Stand out with these high quality high luster pearl grips.


These grips are for Bond Arms Double Barrel framed derringers. (OFFERED - GRIPS ONLY) Defender, Ranger, Rowdy, Roughneck, Century 2000, Slayer, Patriot, etc. These don't work on Davis Arms, Cobra Arms and clones These come with a grip screw as well. Comes in display gift box. Great look for your hand cannon if your so lucky to have a Bond Arms.