Heritage Arms Rough Rider GRIPS .22 & .22 MAG Faux Elk Stag HD/UV Solid

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Faux Elk Stag

These grips have a real Elk Stag HD/UV image artfully imprinted

on the grips for a fraction of the cost of real stag grips.


I remember seeing Silverado as a kid with Kevin Costner and he had these pearl grip SA revolvers and I had to get them.  

These grips adorn the Heritage Arms Rough Rider models to create that same feel and function.

  Synthetic ABS with Stag Image  

Professionally molded ABS Synthetic faux Ivory (solid and built like a tank) that looks and feels like polished real world western grips and will fit any of the .22 & .22 Magnum models.  Works on 6 shooter and 9 shot models.


Does not fit the Bird's head Heritage model.

Made from high impact ABS and for this model it has an incredibly great appeal. 

These come with grips screws as well.  

The Rough Rider maintains much of the look and feel of the Legendary Single Action Army Revolver.

The grips are for the .22 LR and Magnum .22 cartridges. 

These grips fit the following models:


 4.75", 6.5", 9" barrels .22, .22mag and combo

 We also have this model made with poly resin acrylic $36.95 they are higher quality laser print

and more money if your taste is there and comes in a gift box.  This offering is for the EDC very durable molded ABS white. 

Molded ABS will have mold lines and are solid with no cracks.