Ruger Wrangler Grips .22 Model Dead Man's Hand

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  • Will fit any of the .22lr Wrangler models
  • Made out of ABS
  • Adds style to any gun
  • Only fits Wrangler no other make or model
  • These are faux buffalo grips with printed image of Wild Bill Hickok's last poker hand, 2-Aces and 2-8s forever known as the "dead man's hand". Works on the new 6 shooter Wrangler and no other model. Made from abs it has an incredibly good feel and great appeal. These can also be customized for Single Shot Shooter competition and associations. These come with a grip screw as well. Easy assembly, remove old grips and attach grips. There is a screw included with the grips. On one panel of the grips it has a pass through nut that attaches to the threaded panel on the opposite side. Screw hand tight no need to over tighten.