Suede leather IWB holster for most small frame revolvers

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Suede leather IWB holster for most small frame revolvers. An IWB holster is a holster that is secured to your belt inside your waistband under your shirt or coat. This is the most common method for concealed carry and had far and away the method with the most holster options. This soft suede leather doesn't irritate or chafe like hard plastic or hard leather holsters against your skin. When your revolver is seated down in the holster it becomes one of the easiest access holster you can carry.  Excellent metal clip that can be used as a belt loop or just clip over the belt holds the holster securely.  Also good in states that require a holster if carried in a glove box or car.  These work with small, medium and large grips.  Works best with snub-nose up to 2" barrel.


SMITH & WESSON J Frame models: 242, 30-33, 39, 317, 331, 332, 337, 340 (PD), 342, 350 PD, 351 C, 351 PD, 360, 386, 40, 42, 43 C, 442, 60 (LS), 63, 631, 632, 637 (CT), 638 (CT), 642 (CT), 642 LS, 940

TAURUS 85, 856, 942 and any small frame .22, .38 and .357

Charter Arms - all models

Rossi Arms small frame .22 - .38