Ruger Wrangler GRIPS + Super models faux turquoise

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Faux turquoise grips for Ruger + Super models
these are flat matte finish
These are ABS faux turquoise grips
Ever since Kevin Costner was in Silverado with pearl grip six shooters I just had to have these on my six shooter.
Professionally made High quality that will fit any of the models.  Works on the new Super Wrangler made by Ruger and no other model. 
Made from high Acrylic Pearl polymer and for this model it has an incredibly good feel and great appeal.  These can also be customized for the Single Shot Shooter competition and associations. 
These come with grips screws as well.  Easy assembly the grips have a pass through hole for the screw that connects to the threaded side.  Place grips on frame then insert screw in the correct direction and tighten.  Do not over tighten hand tight is good.
We have Rosewood, White Pearl, Black Pearl available etc